To Our Guests

Welcome to Prince Kuhio!

The information on this page is designed to aid our visiting Prince Kuhio guests. You may have been directed here after accessing the internet from the condo or by selecting this page from our main page on our website.

The purpose of this page is to help you make the most of your stay by providing you with current information about the services, facilities, management, and policy at Prince Kuhio. We will also provide a little information about local area attractions and activities.


The address of Prince Kuhio is 5061 Lawai Road, Koloa, HI 96756.

Guest and Vehicle Registration

Upon arrival at Prince Kuhio, you will need to obtain a parking permit. Please display the permit visibly in your car when it is parked in the Prince Kuhio parking lot. There are only enough spaces in the parking lot for one car per condo.

BBQ Area

Individual barbecues of any sort are prohibited from use anywhere on the property including lanais, lawns or other outside areas. Barbecue facilities are provided in the tropical garden and pool area. As a courtesy to the next person, please leave the area as clean as you found it.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is located on the ground floor next to the stairs and the main office. The hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM each day. A vending machine is available with packets of laundry products.

Site Manager

The site manager is Matt Drake. His contact number is (808) 652-3024 and his hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. You may call any time for emergencies.

Map and Directions

Here are the directions from the Kauai Lihue airport to our Prince Kuhio Condominiums.

  1. Exit the airport.
  2. At the 1st Stoplight go straight ahead on Hwy 570 (Ahukini Road). Take Hwy 570 (~1.1 mi) until it intersects with Hwy 56 (Kuhio Highway),
  3. Turn Left on Hwy 56.
  4. Stay in the right lane of Hwy 56 as it curves to the right and merges onto Hwy 50 (Kaumualii Hwy).
  5. Stay on Hwy 50 until you come up a hill and see the signs for the Koloa / Poipu exit left.
  6. Left on the Koloa / Poipu exit. (You will immediately go through the beautiful "tunnel of trees".)
  7. Continue to Koloa.
  8. When you get to Koloa, turn right at the "T" intersection and then immediately turn Left at the gas station on the corner (to Poipu). Stay on the road to Poipu until you come to the round-a-bout. Take the first right to Spouting Horm on Lawai Rd.
  9. Stay on Lawai road for a half mile and you will see Prince Kuhio park on your right.
  10. Prince Kuhio is on your right (5061 Lawai Rd). Parking is free for one car in front of the building. There is additional parking in the garage that is located behind the swimming pool. Turn right at the next driveway and go all the way to the end to access the Prince Kuhio covered garage parking.


We are in a tropical climate so it is wise to dispose of your garbage before retiring for the evening. The dumpsters are located behind the pool.

Local Music and Television

For those who like Hawaiian music, there are several good FM radio stations like 98.9. Check out Channel 3 for a nice video of island places and activities. Channel 12 for weather, surf and tide.

Need Rental Stuff

If you arrive on island and find yourself in need of rental equipment such as wheel chairs, baby cribs, strollers, rollaway beds or beach accessories you can call Ready Rentals on Kauai at 823-8008 (
Snorkel Bob's half way back toward Koloa Town is a very good place to rent snorkel equipment. Nukumois next to Brennecke's in Poipu Beach Park is a good place to rent boards.

Don't be Bugged

Kauai is a tropical climate and even though the complex is sprayed regularly, we still get visits by those tiny critters looking for a snack. You can help reduce this problem by wiping up crumbs regularly and taking out the trash in the evening.

Visit the Lobby

If you are interested in checking out the reading material in the front lobby, there are books you can borrow or brochures on activities. We highly recommend the Menu guides and the "101 Things To Do" guide. If you really want a complete guide to the island, we recommend you purchase "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook" available around the island and even at Wal-Mart.

Courtesy toward other Guests

Please refrain from smoking and please keep the noise down after 9:00 PM in the stairwells or from the walkways.

Please keep your children from running or making noises in the passageways or stair areas. Children should not play in these areas for their own safety and as a courtesy to other guests.

Since bedrooms are located next to passageways, please try to keep the noise volume down in these areas. Strict quiet hours must be observed between 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM daily.

Please do not hang garments, rugs, towels or other objects on lanai railings or other places visible from any outside areas. Please do not shake or throw debris over the lanai railings.

Beach Access

There are 2 beaches out front. The East beach is called Prince Kuhio and is smaller. It is good for snorkeling because there are more turtles in this area but the snorkeling is not recommended for beginners. The West beach is called Lawai and is top rated for snorkeling and swimming. It is also great for surfing. Access this beach from the far west end where the beach narrows because there are fewer rocks in the water making entry easier.

Beach Tips

Please be careful and:

  • Wear sunblock because the sun here on Kauai can leave you burnt the first day and ruin your vacation.
  • After arriving at a beach area, watch others for up to 30 minutes to see where they enter the water and to get an understanding of the waves and currents. Then you will be able to avoid the difficult entry points and avoid dangerous currents.
  • A good rule here in Kauai is never turn your back on the ocean. A large wave can come in a wash you into the water. It happens often to unsuspecting visitors!
  • Take a little fish food (found at Snorkel Bobs up the road toward Koloa) and you will be surprised at home many more fish you see snorkeling out front!
  • If you are boarding, be careful of the rocks out front! The waves break on the reef when the water depth is more shallow. There are sharp rocks in these shallows. Please be careful and watch the other boarders. Know where to go to surf and where to avoid before you enter the water.
  • If you are snorkeling, stay off the rocks in or out of the water. They are often sharp and can sometimes cut or scrape you leaving an infection that never seems to heal.

If Cut by Coral

The rocks (or coral) out front and in the water all over the island is sometimes sharp and if it cuts you, the wound may not hear very quickly. Here are some things you can do:

For minor cuts, gently pull the edges of the skin open and remove embedded coral either by rinsing or using tweezers. Scrub directly inside the cut with clean gauze or a cloth soaked in clean, fresh water. Press on the wound to stop bleeding.

If bleeding persists, or the edges of a wound are jagged or gaping, you likely will need stitches. Taping a cut shut is often an effective alternative, but may leave a more visible scar than suturing. It is not true that using povidone-iodine or other iodine solutions to wash coral cuts will cause coral to grow in the wound. Coral is a marine animal; it can never grow inside the human body.

For large cuts, fever, or any other signs of infection or illness after coral contact, please see a doctor.

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